What Do Crypto and Easter Have in Common?

Authored by Makara
Authored by Makara


Published April 4th, 20214 min
Makara makes cryptocurrency investing for beginners easy with our baskets!

Happy Easter from the Team at Makara!

This is a special time of year for many people around the world. A time for tradition, family, food, and fun. Among the many traditions is the Easter basket: those little carriers of joy filled with eggs, toys or candy. So the Easter tradition goes. In many cultures in history, eggs represented a bounty or a symbol of what they provide - sustenance or new life.

What does crypto have in common with Easter?

While the Easter Bunny may not reside in the land of Makara, the idea of baskets is alive and well. Like a collection of diverse colored eggs, Makara baskets present investors with a collection of cryptocurrencies tailored to their investment interests and goals. However, we won’t make investors hunt to find them and no bunny was put to work in their construction.

As an SEC registered advisor, Makara has a unique ability to improve upon the status quo of cryptocurrency investing. Through our powerful and battle tested investment technology platform, we allow every investor to structure a unique cryptocurrency investment portfolio composed of individual crypto assets or baskets.

So what are these baskets? While not a collection of pastel colored goodies, Makara’s baskets are every bit as diverse and exciting. The investable universe of cryptocurrency features a myriad of individual assets; some big ones that you’ve likely heard of (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum), and many smaller ones (e.g. REN and CRV). Crypto assets can be backed by Gold (Paxos Gold) or represent ownership of virtual real estate (Decentraland's MANA). Selecting the right one for your investment portfolio can be cumbersome and risky. We designed the Makara baskets for this very reason. Investors can deploy their capital across a diverse collection of crypto assets with confidence that the underlying assets are securely stored and vetted. Information about each of these assets will be available at their fingertips, on demand.

The Makara baskets take inspiration from ETF investing; these products that offer investors access to the stock market in a low cost and diversified manner. Should an investor desire broad exposure to U.S. banks, they don’t need to track down the individual ticker symbols for Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, etc. They could simply purchase a single vehicle that provides a basket of U.S. Banks, the XLF. Interested in an investment in Oil and Gas companies? Why research and buy individual stocks when an investor could simply purchase the XLE. Basket investing aims to provide great benefits to the individual investor.

With the click of a button, Makara clients can invest in six or more DeFi (Decentralized Finance) tokens through the DeFi Basket. One more click and you can complement their portfolio with an Inflation Hedge Basket that includes Bitcoin and Paxos Gold. Want a little investment in everything? Makara has cooked up a basket called Gumbo that includes access to more than 30 different assets.

Makara’s diverse crypto baskets are designed with the everyday investor in mind and represent a material improvement on current crypto investment options. Unlike some existing exchange traded offerings, investing in a basket results in ownership of the actual crypto held in your Makara account. And Makara baskets are liquid: they can be bought and sold anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Cryptocurrency should be approachable and easy to invest in. And your investments should be in actual crypto versus crypto wrapped in an old-fashioned exchange traded product limited to the 9-5 banker hours. The crypto markets are open nights and weekends, so access to your investments should be too. Makara and its unique basket offerings deliver the experience you’ve been looking for.

Come join us and start filling your Makara baskets. Happy Easter and we look forward to sharing our launch with you soon!